HTC 10 vs. HTC One M9 – Specs and Features Breakdown

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It’s a beautiful looking phone – and it’s got a real kick on the inside too.

If the HTC 10 release wasn’t something you knew a lot about because it wasn’t posted anywhere, you can be forgiven. We are always being bombarded with the news of the latest release of the latest iPhone or Samsung – sometimes it can be easy to tune out when you hear about a new phone. Still, for those of us who can appreciate a solid HTC smartphone, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the release of HTC 10 and see how it stacks up against the HTC One M9.

Screen Size

The screen size is a bit of an improvement. The screen on the HTC 10 is 5.2” compared to the HTC One M9, which is 5.0”. This is a better screen to phone ratio that was made possible by removing the front speakers. It’s not one of those phones that are far too big to hold in your hands (yup, we’re looking at you, iPhone 6s Plus), but it’s definitely close.

The display of the HTC 10 has gained a lot of resolution and clarity. It is at 2560 x 1440 564 ppi while the HTC One M9 is at 1920 x 1080 441 ppi. The Quad HD panels make the difference.


There are quite a few similarities in the design. The dimensions of the phone are pretty much identical, with the HTC 10 coming in just a touch larger. The HTC One M9 weighs 157 g and the HTC 10 weighs in at 161 g. The body of the HTC 10 is aluminum, just as the HTC One M9 is, but with an attractive chamfered edge. One particularly notable change is the removal of the front-spacing speakers in the HTC 10. Also, the HTC 10 has added a fingerprint sensor.

The differences in color options are somewhat subtle. Both are available in silver. The HTC 10 is available in gray while the HTC One M9 is available in gunmetal as well as gold and pink. It looks like the HTC 10 will also be available in gold and red only in Taiwan and other countries, at least at first.


The camera of the HTC 10 is an upgrade from the one that the HTC One M9 has. It is high resolution with a wider aperture on the rear camera, great for those low light pictures. The HTC 10 is also using Ultrapixel camera tech, which provides smaller pixels and a better marriage of pixel size and resolution. The HTC 10’s camera comes with Optical Image Stabilization on both the front and rear camera; that translates into better selfies (HTC knows what you need). Laser based auto-focus is another addition to the camera on the HTC 10. That increases the speed with which the camera can take pictures.


The processor in the HTC 10 has picked up the pace over the one in the HTC One M9. The HTC One M9 has the Snapdragon 810 with a 64 bit octa-core operating at 2GHz. Compared to that the HTC 10 has the Snapdragon 820 with a 64-bit quad core operating at 2.2 Ghz for faster processing. Additionally, the HTC One M9 has 3 GB of RAM while the HTC 10 has 4 GB of RAM for more memory.


It isn’t really surprising that the newer HTC 10 is pricier than the older HTC One M9. The current price for the new HTC 10 is $699 with our neighbours in the US, but lands at a hefty $999 on HTC’s Canada site, a price that’s only commanded by the top-tier smartphones of each manufacturer.

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