Samsung Charm Fitness Tracker Launches in Europe

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These stylish new bands seem to be targeted towards women, but males may be able to pull this one off as well.

If you’re not particularly fond of spending a significant amount of money to count how many steps you take throughout the day, or you don’t want to look like a wild tech nerd with your gigantic smartwatch on your wrist, Samsung may have the answer to that. They’ve been working on a simple wearable band to integrate with your Android device, and now it has launched in a few countries – Italy, France, Russia, and South Korea. Samsung says that they’ll be extending this release to other countries soon.

To set everything up, you’ll need to link the device with your phone. Right now, it’s only compatible with Android phones running at least KitKat. By downloading the Charm by Samsung app onto your phone, you’re able to get the process going of pairing with the Charm device via Bluetooth. If you are a regular user of the S Health app, you also have the ability to feed the data that comes in from the Charm device to that app.

Although not as fully featured as a typical smartwatch, the Samsung Charm is able to alert you when you have a new notification on your phone with a small LED light that lights up on the face of the Charm. Although there isn’t any sort of vibration or physical feedback, Samsung does have a larger Charm which looks more like a piece of arm jewellery and not something targeted as a health wearable as this one is. The built-in battery on this style lasts up to 14 days on a single charge, compared to the 5 days that is expected from a Fitbit Flex.

So if your wrists are feeling a bit bare and craving to have something electronic on them, you now have a wide variety of options – once this arrives in Canada, which hopefully is soon. Seeing that it’s not available in North America yet, there is limited information out there on the practicality of this device, so it may be some time until that’s known. However, with a price tag that is around $40, it really isn’t a huge investment to get on board with the new trend.

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