Google is Releasing a Modular Phone Soon

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Google is great for always coming up with some of the most innovative (and sometimes crazy) ideas for new products. One of their bigger ideas is creating a phone which has different components that you can replace to create your own smartphone with the exact specifications that you want. Picture this – are you no longer happy with your phone’s camera? You can swap just the camera out for a better one. Or, is 32GB no longer enough for you? No problem! You can easily switch out the memory component for a larger one. The reasoning behind this is that we no longer need to replace our smartphones as a whole so often when we can just swap out what we want to make our current phone better.

This is a project that Google has been working on for a while, but have been somewhat quiet on for the past year. However, Google has released a little video showcasing the new invention, and also indicates on their website that it’s going to be landing in the hands of developers in Fall 2016, which means that it may be ready for the market sometime during 2017. And as more developers are able to get their hands on this, more and more ideas for modules will also come to life. Imagine being able to attach a module for a projector!

With something as different as this, it’s no surprise that it’s not being rushed out into the market. There are many things that need to be considered, such as how securely these modules fit on the phone (will they fly everywhere if you drop your phone?), how people will be carrying around the extra modules (will they get damaged in pockets?), and much more.

There are no clear indications as to what something like this would cost, but it doesn’t seem like it’s something that will be overly pricey. Google is great for releasing their smartphones at prices that aren’t through the roof, so it would be no surprise to see that this is going to be affordable for the masses. Modules will most likely be priced based on what you’re getting, so expect to pay more for that higher megapixel camera – however, the price point for these is also unclear. We’ll still have to be a bit patient, as this is looking like it’s not going to be in our pockets for a while just yet.

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