iOS 10 – You Can Remove Absolutely Any App You Want

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Something that may have pained iOS users in the past is the fact that you have absolutely no use for the Stocks app and only use it as a placeholder. Or, you have that app, along with a bunch of others, in a “Useless” folder on your iOS device. iOS 10 will change that, allowing users to be able to remove apps from their device.

This isn’t exactly as you would expect, though – yes, you’ll be able to hold down the icon and tap X to get rid of the app, but the app won’t actually completely remove itself from your device. This may not be that big of a deal though, since the main goal would most likely be to get that eyesore off your screen. If saving storage space is your goal, it’s worth noting that all of the stock iOS apps only take up around 150MB of space, so you really won’t be saving a large amount. Don’t go and try deleting your Phone or Messages app though – since they’re such a vital part of your phone, you won’t be able to delete them. Same goes for your Photos, Settings, and a few other apps.

There are some important things that will happen if you delete specific apps. You’ll lose the ability to use their integration features, such as the way that the Weather app integrates nicely with your Notification Center. Deleting the Weather app means you’ll no longer get weather updates in your Notification Center. Another example of this is if your car has CarPlay, this will no longer work with your iPhone if you delete the Music app.

Although the apps aren’t actually removed from your phone, you’ll still have to go into the App Store to redownload them. Apple will make them available there for those who have a change of heart and really want a subpar Stocks app back.

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