iOS 10 – iMessage is Getting a Bunch of New Features

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Whenever a new major version of iOS is released by Apple, it usually has a bunch of great goodies for all of us to jump on. iOS 10 is well on its way for a Fall 2016 release, and there are some great new features that will come to the Messages app. Since so many people are choosing to text these days over calling (or even seeing someone in person), these improvements will hopefully make your conversations more fun.

Large Emojis and Emoji Prediction

For starters, iPhone users are getting larger emojis. Both the standard and non-standard emojis will be three times larger when sent and received for that extra emphasis when you’re sending someone a heart emoji. So far in the beta, it appears as if these enlarged emojis include all of the emojis, not just the ones that are used the most.

Along with larger emojis comes emoji prediction. As you type iOS 10, the app searches for emojis that match what you’re typing and adds them to the suggestion bar. If a word can be turned into an emoji it will be highlighted in a yellowish orange – think of this as predictive emojis, just like predictive texting.

Rich Content Links To Show Previews of URLS

When looking at links on Facebook Messenger or Facebook you see previews of rich links.  These previews are coming to iMessage.  Whenever your friends, family, or co-workers send you links with images or video you will be able to preview it without leaving the iPhone messaging app.  You can even see snippets of the video.

Emphasized Messages with Bubble Effects

Do you ever feel that messages like “Congratulations!” or “Take out the garbage” aren’t as emphasized as they could be? With bubble effects, certain messages will get animations to make them stand out. For example, if you send a congrats, it will inflate and bounce around the screen then reduce in size to that of a normal message. This helps to emphasize points and make messages more exciting.

Invisible Ink to Shrowd Your Messages in Secrecy

A feature that many people may be excited about is invisible ink. Apple is introducing a way to be able to send more secretive messages. Whether you are sending text or images, with invisible ink your message will be shrouded in shifting dots. When the message is touched, the image will unshroud itself.

Invisible ink messages will revert back to the dots after a short while of being swiped. Unlike Snapchat though, messages will not be deleted. To see a message again, all you need to do is swipe it again. This allows you to have more discrete messages but, like with some of the other features in this update, will only work with other iOS 10 users.

Handwritten and Handdrawn Messages

Handwritten messages has been a feature that users have been requesting for years and it is finally coming to your iPhone with iOS 10. You will be able to write messages like “I Love You” or “Take out the garbage” so that it comes across as more personal than sending a standard text. There is also an interface that will allow you to draw your own pictures to text too.

Full-Screen Animation for Select Messages

Full-screen animations for text messages is also being introduced with iOS 10.  Using full-screen animations you can send messages to your family that will beautifully decorate the whole screen. These include happy holiday messages and other common messages. A user receiving these messages has to be running iOS 10 to enjoy them though.

It’s an update filled with a bunch of smaller, new features like this, but as Apple likes to do after a few years of a phone being released, this update will likely not be usable on all iOS devices. During previous major iOS updates, the oldest devices supported by the last OS have been discontinued, and it’s expected that the iPhone 4s will not be on board.

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