4 Things We’re Expecting From the iPhone 7

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It’s already September, which means that along with getting ready for going back to school, we’re all gearing up for the classic Apple announcement of their new iPhone that happens every year during this time. We’re expecting to hear from Apple about their new devices real soon – they usually go for an early September announcement, with sales beginning a couple of weeks after that.

The hype is starting to slowly build as we all wait to hear what they’re going to be delivering. Here are a few things that we’re expecting from the new phones:

1. No headphone jack

In a move that comes as not shocking at all (remember when the Lightning connector came around, making all your accessories compatible with the wider, 30-pin port useless?), Apple is removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. If you’ve recently purchased an expensive pair of headphones, this probably isn’t what you wanted to hear.

There are a couple of advantages to this – headphones with Lightning connectors would mean headphones that have more features and buttons that can be linked to specific apps on your phone, which could be cool if implemented properly. Our only question, though: how do you charge your phone and use headphones at the same time?

2. Smart Connector

The iPad Pro was the first device that Apple released that had a Smart Connector, which is technically an input that allows for both data and power to go to an accessory. For the iPad Pro, this works great with the Smart Keyboard, which is able to receive updates through the iPad Pro (what updates would a keyboard need?!).

There have been images circulating the web that show the Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s unclear what purpose this would serve, but with the removal of the headphone jack, there’s a lot on the table.


A mockup of the iPhone 7, with the 3 circles as the Smart Connector that may come with this phone.

3. Space Black iPhone 7

If the Space Grey iPhones just weren’t doing it for you and you felt like you were still missing that little extra darkness in your phone, you’re in luck! The iPhone 7 is expected to come in Space Black as well. The mockup of this device show a pretty slick-looking phone:


There have been actual images leaked online of this device, so it’s a strong possibility we’ll see this colour in September.

4. Dual rear cameras

Because one camera on the back of your phone wasn’t enough, it’s possible that Apple will be adding a dual camera feature to the iPhone 7 Plus – likely not on the standard iPhone 7. With the two cameras, pictures taken would have more detail and more light as the two cameras work together to create a beautiful image. It’s also possible that there will be a bit of optical zoom with these cameras, which is a huge bonus when you’re zooming into your friend across the room on Snapchat and don’t want them to look so pixelated.

We’re only a couple weeks away from knowing what is correct and what is just a rumour, so we’ll let time dictate what’s expected to come on the iPhone 7.

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