Infographic: Canada’s Cell Phone Plan Carriers Vastly Adjust Pricing By Province

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It’s no secret that Canada has the honour of paying some of the highest rates for cell phone plans around the world. It’s also not too much of a secret that our major carriers like to keep their rate plans at a price point that’s relatively high and relatively similar across the board (collusion, much?). But unless you’ve moved between provinces before, there’s one thing that may not be as obvious – Canadians pay different rates depending on which province they’re in.

Those living in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec are paying less than the rest of the country for the same plans, from the same carriers. The reason for this? Those provinces have their own regional carriers that offer cheaper plans, which means that the Big 3 carriers have to reduce their prices to effectively compete.

There’s one thing that this does prove – competition is what we need to reduce prices. It’s clear that because of competition, prices have gone down in those three provinces, which makes it clear that Rogers, Bell, and Telus can not reasonably justify the sky-high prices that the rest of the country pays.

Check out our infographic that we’ve put together highlighting just how severe the price disparity is in some cases:

Infographic Mar 2016

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  1. One thing not taken into consideration for this post, was the fact that those provinces also don’t have access to all the same features as the rest of the country. Which is another factor as to why the prices are cheaper. This is due to regional regulations. An example of this can be seen in the phone insurance plans offered. Most provinces are covered for Lost/stolen, broken, water/moisture damage, extended warranty, however these particular provinces are excluded in some of those feature (such as lost/stolen phones).

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