Do you know where your e-waste ends up?

November 8, 2019

Many places end us shipping tonnes of e-waste off-shore to developing countries. This e-waste sits in international landfills for years. When e-waste sits in a typical landfill, for example, water flows through the landfill and picks up trace elements from these dangerous minerals. Eventually the contaminated landfill water, called “leachate,” gets through layers of natural and manufactured landfill liner and other protection. When it reaches natural groundwater, it introduces lethal toxicity. People from developing countries suffer in order to keep up with our electronic consumption habits.

In more relevant news, New Delhi is currently facing a major air pollution problem and has remained a problem for recent years. Contributing to the problem is India's electronic industry as it is known as the fastest growing electronic industry in the world. Because of this, India ranks fifth highest producer of e-waste in the world. While, New Delhi does have e-waste recycling program, more than 5000 of these recycling units are illegal and expose workers to extremely dangerous working conditions. Because of the dangers of e-waste, without a recycling program much of the ground water would be contaminated with dangerous metals. However, it is at a cost of illegal and dangerous working conditions to mitigate an already deadly pollution problem.

Sphere will take your old tech devices and re-introduce it into the market. None of our devices gets sent to offshore dumps. Don't add to the problem, subtract your unused devices and together, we can handle our e-waste responsibly!

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