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What Carriers don't want you to know is that smartphones hold their value better than ever these days!
We guarantee that our payments are higher than any trade-in price offered by any Canadian Carrier.
Plus, we pay cash not trade-in credit!

Higher Payments
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Canadians love using Sphere because we always pay for shipping. Even if we have to send it back to you, we'll still pay for shipping!
Choose from getting a prepaid shipping kit sent right to your doorstep or a prepaid shipping label that you can print out. Whatever your preference, we make it easy for you to get cash for your used phone!

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The first thing our technicians do when they receive your device is to securely wipe all of the information from it. We take your data security and privacy very seriously, so rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

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We've put cash back into the pockets of over 10,000 Canadians for their old phones since 2013.

We've changed the way people think about their used phones because we stop at nothing to make sure you get a perfect experience. From free shipping, to speedy processing and our 24-hour guaranteed payouts, we've made it our sole goal to make sure you get the easiest experience when it comes to selling your old device.
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What Canadians are Saying:

Awesome phone service to sell my phone with! I chose the have shipping supplies shipped to you option and it took around a week. I sent my phone the next day and received a confirmation the day after and then the payment the day after that. Phone shipped and payment received took only 2 days. They double check with you on the condition of the phone and let you know how much they pay you. It’s an excellent service to use if you have a phone that you no longer use.


I've used Sphere's Service two times in the last year and they were fantastic to work with! Super easy to request a mailing package (that comes with already paid shipping label) to send my phone to them! They sent a paper check last time but this time I'm getting my deposit straight Into my PayPal account! Fast easy service.

Jessica Lacelle

Amazing service and communication. Super easy website to identify what phone you have and the condition. Gives you a dollar amount right away. Within a few days en envelope with sleeve and prepaid envelope inside. Got an email confirmation from the team at Sphere after inspecting and testing my phone to let me know they were sending me an E transfer for the full amount for my phone. Next morning i got the E transfer. Will recommend to all my friends and family looking to recycle their old phones.

Dustin Marsh

Sell My Phone In Canada

Canadian consumers and businesses are purchasing phones now more than ever. You’ve probably purchased more than a few in your lifetime by this point as old ones have needed to be replaced. After all, accidents happen, phones get dropped and glass breaks. Maybe your phone fell in the water and stopped working, or broke down on its own. Or maybe your phone still works just fine, but like many other people, you’re hoping that you can get the latest and greatest phones out there. Whatever the reason, the average Canadian goes through a new cell phone as frequently as every 18 months. Like most people, you probably don’t use more than one at a time. So what happens to your old cell phone? You may be part of the 63% of Canadians who have a cell phone (or several) sitting on a shelf or in a drawer somewhere in their house. If we include phones no longer used by businesses gathering dust, you’ll find that there are a lot of cell phones not being used all across Canada.

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Most of us know better than to toss old phones into the garbage can, but we don’t have much of an idea about what else there is we can do with them. If your phone is completely broken, you might try and recycle it, though there aren’t a lot of convenient options out there to recycle old phones. Most recycling facilities won’t take them and those recyclers that do specialize in recycling used electronics are hard to find, and may even charge you for disposal. If on the other hand, you think it’s still worth something (and it probably is), you might try and sell it off on Craigslist or eBay, but there’s no guarantee it’ll sell. And even if you do manage to find a potential buyer, you’ll be stuck with the hassle of haggling overpricing, arranging for and paying for shipping, or scheduling a time to meet up with someone you’ve never met before to sell it off. If you’re a business with hundreds of used phones, it’s even more difficult.

At Sphere, we’ve made this process easy by offering a convenient way to sell your phone. No more meeting with strangers or arguing over price. We won’t just take your old phones off your hands-free of charge, we’ll pay you what they’re worth. Yes, even if they’re broken! Whether you have one, two, or a hundred phones, we’ll securely process them to ensure all personal data is wiped and then provide you a fair quote based on their condition.

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Why Sell My Used Phone?

You may be aware that most electronic devices like cell phones and tablets are made with intense manufacturing processes using heavy metals, particularly in their batteries. If you decide instead to sell your used phone once you’re done, you’re making sure that the manufacturing process that has already happened may not need to happen again on another new phone. When old phones are improperly disposed of, they can also cause damage to the environment. Over time, the batteries which safely contain these heavy metals can degrade and rupture, causing them to seep out. When exposed to frequent impact or pressure, such as when buried deep in a landfill, the speed of their decay can be accelerated. From here, they seep into the ground below which can drain into nearby waterways, poisoning fish and other wildlife.

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While only about 20% of consumer electronics end up in landfills, other methods of disposal aren’t always better. Though there are some E-waste recycling services, it’s best to do your research as some have been known to ship waste overseas for processing, often to places with less environmental regulation. Occasionally, this results in devices being stripped for parts in environmentally damaging ways.

Let’s say however you’ve taken the time to make sure your used phone has been disposed of in a responsible way that will minimize its potential to cause environmental damage. Great! You’ve done your part, right? Before you buy your next one, it might be worth considering the other end of the life cycle of consumer electronics. The need to constantly produce more and newer products is what drives demand for these metals in the first place. Some of these metals can be reused, but many that are needed to manufacture new electronics can only be acquired by mining them out of the ground. In addition to destroying the immediate area around the mine site, mining can also pollute nearby waterways if the tailings are not properly managed. Your best bet at this point is to find a way where you can maintain the value that your device still has, along with extending its lifecycle. That’s where selling your used phone is a great solution.

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Ultimately, it is your choice as a consumer which drives demand. For phones that still work, the most sustainable option of all is to extend their lifespan for as long as possible. This can be done by consciously purchasing second-hand phones, repairing phones instead of replacing them, or selling them to organizations that refurbish them when possible, rather than dismantling and disposing of them. If you ever have thought, “it may be a great idea to sell my used phone,” you’re on the right track. By opting to purchase fully functioning refurbished phones and other electronics, you not only keep them out of the landfill, but you also reduce the number of new phones that need to be produced each year.