Get Paid for Old Tech

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, or computers -
we're here to help you maximize that untapped value.

Making it Easy

We make the process of getting rid of your used smartphones, tablets, and computers as streamlined as possible. We offer multiple options for receiving your unused tech, along with accepting both functioning and broken devices.

Your Data is Secure

Data security is the bedrock of our enterprise operations. The moment a device is put through our process, we immediately wipe the device's data before proceeding.

Top Prices for Businesses

Our competitive pricing structure will leave your organization with more compared to standard trade-in and disposition options. Plus, with our 30-day price lock, you never have to worry about prices changing as the details are ironed out.

Since I started working with Sphere, I’ve sent several large shipments to them. They made everything extremely easy by sending prepaid labels. They have been a safe and reliable company to work with. And best of all, they’re Canadian! For every item I sent, big or small, they provided me with a breakdown of every item I sent, the condition of the item, the usable parts, and how much I would receive for each item. I would recommend Sphere to anyone for electronic recycling.

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