We'll help your organization get more for those devices no longer being used.

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Convenient service

Sphere's process is much easier and more efficient than selling your devices on your own. Sphere will provide you with free shipping and packaging materials.

Broken devices accepted

Giving broken devices a zero value wouldn't be a true reflection of the device's value. That's why Sphere still pays out if a device is broken.

Transparent pricing

Sphere offers the certainty of knowing that trade-in values won't drop as the details of the corporate deal are ironed out.

Full Fleet Upgrades

We'll work with you to arrange for the removal of all devices. Once the devices are received, they'll be processed, and you'll receive a detailed summary broken down by individual devices and IMEI numbers with the results.

Ongoing Upgrades

We'll arrange your buyback structure in a way that will allow you to unload used devices in set intervals. We can send out prepaid shipping labels at set intervals, such as one every month or one every quarter. Each batch will be processed once received, and you'll receive a device summary with a breakdown of each shipment.

Broken Devices

These broken devices may still have value! We'll arrange for the shipment of these devices to us. We will process them, and send you a summary of the devices received along with a breakdown of the shipment.

From Fortune 500 companies, international NGOs, to school districts, we've managed to help thousands of organizations recover value from their used electronics.

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