Business Solutions

We'll help your organization get more for those devices no longer being used.

Full Service Solutions

Regardless of your fleet structure, we'll make it work.

Full Fleet Upgrades


Your Organization:
Most (or all) of the devices in the fleet have contracts expiring on the same date. The contract renewal will leave behind a number of used devices.

We'll work with you to arrange for the removal of all devices. Once the devices are received, they'll be processed, and you'll receive a detailed summary broken down by individual devices and IMEI numbers with the results.

Ongoing Upgrades


Your Organization:
The devices on the corporate plan all have varying contract end dates, and upgrades happen on a continuous basis.

We'll arrange your buyback structure in a way that will allow you to unload used devices in set intervals.

We can send out prepaid shipping labels at set intervals, such as one every month or one every quarter. Each batch will be processed once received, and you'll receive a device summary with a breakdown of each shipment.

Broken Devices


Your Organization:
The fleet's devices are used until they no longer function, or are no longer usable by the team members. These devices are currently sent over to recycling or simply accumulate at your organization.

We'll arrange for the shipment of these broken devices, which still may have value, to us in set time intervals, depending on how many accumulate over time. These devices will be processed as they're received, and you'll receive a summary of the devices received, along with a breakdown of the shipment.

We accept devices whether they are functional or not -
maximizing your trade in value.

Get more for your old devices:

iPhone 8 256GB

Sphere: up to $357

Telus: $340

iPhone 6 16GB

Sphere: up to $70

Telus: $55

Samsung Galaxy S7

Sphere: up to $90

Telus: $65

BlackBerry KeyOne

Sphere: up to $85

Rogers: $60

You're in Good Company.

From Fortune 500 companies to international NGOs to school districts, we've manage to help thousands of organizations recover value from their used electronics.

We'll tailor the perfect setup for you: